Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Mission Report Database Form

This form is for the purpose of reporting search and rescue missions. If you are not a Pennsylvania Search and Rescue team member, do not use this form.

Please complete as much of the information as possible. Keep it simple and brief. No narrative needed. Thank You.

Name of person using this form:
Last name of missing person:
Group coordinating mission:
County of incident:
PEMA Incident Number:
Date Reported
Missing / Overdue:
Time Reported
Missing / Overdue:
(24 hr. time)
Date Responded: (mm/dd/yyyy)
Time Responded: (24 hr. time)
Date Found / Suspended: (mm/dd/yyyy)
Time Found / Suspended: (24 hr. time)
Did you "save" victim from life threatening conditions?:
Was victim deceased?
Suspected cause of death:
Distance from point last seen: (miles)
Please enter the gender and age of all victims (ex. Victim 1 - male 23 yrs.)
Approximate number of man hours - Park personnel
Approximate number of man hours - Forest personnel
Approximate number of man hours - All Other personnel
Maximum number of searchers on scene:
Search coordinator:
Were DCNR lands involved?
How was victim found?
(hasty, grid, dog, self, etc.)
What was subject doing?
(hiker, camper, hunter, etc.)

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