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  As part of Pennsylvania's Outdoor Recreation Plan, DCNR is collecting information about critical gaps or disconnections in the Commonwealth’s network of recreational trails. We need your help to identify the missing links in Pennsylvania’s trail system.

Please take a few minutes to complete and submit this Trail Gap Information Form. Trail gap information will be used by trail planners to develop and fine-tune a systematic approach to completing a statewide network of trails.

The on-line form will ask you to:

• Provide a detailed description of where each gap is located;
• Explain why it is important;
• Identify land ownership;
• Describe its location, characteristics and other existing trails in the area;
• Identify what actions are needed to fill the trail gap;
• Provide contact information for organization(s) or individuals familiar with the trail; and
• List maps and documents that specify the location and characteristics of the trail gap.

The last page of the questionnaire provides directions for mailing digital and/or hard copy maps and other supporting documents to the DCNR.


Please complete only one on-line form per trail gap. Feel free to consult with leaders of affiliate trail groups to complete the form and to avoid duplication of gap information as much as possible. Do your best to answer all the questions. Click "Next" when you are ready for the next step in the questionnaire. When you are finished, click "Done." Thank you.
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